A few weeks back, our local arts materials exchange (MECCA) received several old, non-functioning clocks.  I went a bit crazy over them and bought almost every one.  There may have been some *polite* stalking of other interested customers but eventually they put them back on the shelf and I snatched them up!IMG_1735

I got one cuckoo clock and three wood, wall-mounted clocks.  The cuckoo clock was the classic dark brown but I’ve always felt that the brown doesn’t do cuckoo clock designs any favors.  I wanted to have fun with colors and make up the design as I went along.  While the clock doesn’t work, it sure is pretty to look at!


I particularly love the ombre effect on the pine cones and the sweet little birds.

I had an idea to turn the other clocks into table lamps.  I started with the clock that was just the wood case; all the clock parts were long gone.  It was a fun surprise to find that its original owners had written their name and date on the back!


I first removed the trim on the bottom and attached wood feet.  I also needed to make sure that the interior wouldn’t get too hot with the light bulbs running, so I drilled holes on the top of the wood case.


And, a pattern of smaller holes on the sides.  I drew the pattern on a piece of heavy paper and used that as a template for the drill.  I also located where the lamp socket would come out the back and drilled a hole for that as well.


Next came the fun part – paint!  I lined all the holes I drilled with gold pigment mixed with polycrylic.  To seal the distressed paint, I used a spray polycrylic.  Our local lamp shop hooked me up with a ceramic, double socket so that an Edison bulb shows out of each glass panel on the front.


I love the glow that the Edison bulbs cast, warm and not too bright.  The gold lines holes really shine when the lamp is on.



These transformed clocks will be at my booth at the 2017 Blend.




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